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Greentrees Events utilizes our skills in event production and promotion spanning 25 years of live and filmed concert events. We apply the same quality standards to live event production as with our Film and Television projects realizing the concept at hand to the highest standards and the maximum enjoyment of the audience and best returns for the investors and promoters.

We started as a live concert production company prior to filming and selling our first production to HBO, Inc.

HBO's "Comic Relief" Live Concerts then provided a step up the production ladder to Production Coordinating major Live Event television concert programming.

Whether staging large events, managing the production and execution of large events, productions and companies we have the experience and enthusiasm about our work to excel in the execution of our Events.


Our Services include:

  • Event Production: Audio, Video, Security, Planning, Promotions, Staffing, Venue, etc.
  • Directing
  • Writing
  • Promotions
  • Advertising
  • Distribution
  • Consulting
  • Business Affairs
  • Insurance
  • Recording
  • Licensing
  • Creative Affairs

Contact us for a consultation on your Event Production & Execution Plan.

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