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Greentrees Consulting offers confidential advice on matters of production, financing, development, casting, and all facets of filmmaking and television production.

Advancing our experience of 25 years in the Entertainment Business, we are well versed to advise companies and individuals on circumnavigating the complex nature of the film and television business, providing concrete steps to take in order put your project on the big or small screen.

We provide direction and ideas on how to take your idea, script or teleplay from the "ether" of thought - to the reality of film and video presentation.

With regards to financing, we are able to advise on where to go, what you need to do, whom to contact, what documentation you require and what pitfalls and achievements to avoid and expect respectively.

Addtionally, our sister company, provides specific, detailed film & television budgets which are finance and camera ready.

Contact us to obtain a quote for your project needs.

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