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The Upside of Anger

Produced by Jack Binder.

A drama with strong comedic undertones, The Upside of Anger is about relationships and introspection, and in the wake of personal tragedy, how things that tear us apart can in fact bring us together. It is the story of the Wolfmeyer family, centering on Terry, (Joan Allen), and her four strong-willed daughters (Alicia Witt, Erika Christensen, Keri Russell and Evan Rachel Wood), all of whom must suddenly cope without their husband/father. They are a family divided, caught between hurt and blame, desperately looking to move forward and heal. Set in the suburbs of Detroit, the story unfolds over the course of four years, in which Terry discovers a new relationship with an old friend, Denny (Kevin Costner), and is also forced to re-examine her relationship with her daughters, while her girls struggle in reassessing the image of their mother.

The cast includes Joan Allen, Kevin Costner, Erika Christensen, Keri Russell, Alicia Witt, Evan Rachel Wood and Mike Binder.

Written and directed by Mike Binder.


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