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Greentrees Films is the production company founded by Film & Television Producer Jack Binder engaged in creating quality motion picture and television projects for the worldwide audience.

Quality. Story. Independence. On Budget. On Schedule. Preparation. Execution.

These are the hallmarks of Greentrees Films. View our Credits.

A Global Movie Production Company:

  • Development
  • Financing (Bank, Tax Based, Equity)
  • Casting
  • Pre-production
  • Production Period Shooting
  • Second Unit Photography
  • Producing & Directing
  • Special Units (watercraft; stunts; etc.) - Producing & Directing
  • Post Production
  • Visual Effects
  • Marketing
  • Distribution

Greentrees Films also is a very forward leaning company passionate about the Environment and the Health of our Planet. We will be intimately involved in the Greening of the Production Industry and Creation of Environmentally Conscious Programs. Find out more in Greentrees Environment.

Greentrees Management expands on 25 years of assisting creative talents realize their dreams and goals in the entertainment industry. Utilizing our extensive contacts and relationships we guide the careers of writers, actors, musicians, directors and other artists to realize their potential and maximize their opportunities.

Greentrees Events utilizes our skills in event production and promotion spanning 25 years of live and filmed concert events. We apply the same quality standards to live event production as with our Film and Television projects realizing the concept at hand to the highest standards and the maximum enjoyment of the audience and best returns for the investors and promoters.

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